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Synthetic Chain Lubricants

Synthethic Chain Lubricants

Careful lubricant selection is the key for optimizing and extending the function and life of your chain and drive system.

Traditional petroleum based lubricants break down and oxidize rapidly in environments with extreme temperature variation. They also leave sticky deposits and sludge that mix with grit and airborne contaminates. This oil grit mix acts as a grinding compound, causing accelerated wear of chain components and drive sprockets.

DuBois synthetic chain lubricants are optimized for harsh environment applications where temperatures can reach up to 500oF. The high quality base stock and additives in our synthetic lubricants reduce deposit formation and sludge buildup.  These high performance fluids have a low coefficient of friction which reduces drag and power consumption.  DuBois synthetics are ideal lubricants for critical elements in industrial machinery.DuBois Synthethic Chain Lubricants