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About Us


DuBois (pronounced dew-boy) is a specialty chemical company that is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since 1920, our specialized representatives sell and service our chemistry, systems, programs, and solutions across the world. We offer products and services in the following sectors:

Process Cleaning and Pretreatment. This sector primarily involves the cleaning of metal and plastic manufactured goods prior to painting and assembly. Specific applications include in-process cleaning and rust inhibition, cleaning and phosphating (the process of putting a coating on metal that improves paint adhesion and retards corrosion), storage rust inhibition, plastic paint pretreatment, paint detackification, rubber to metal bonding, and metal working. Major customers include tier 1 suppliers to the auto industry, fabricated metal producters, industrial machinery, and electrical equipment manufacturers.

Paper Chemicals. This sector supplies cleaning and biological control products and programs to the pulp and paper industry. By combining cleaning expertise with safety-oriented biological control strategies, the Paper Group enhances paper machine performance by minimizing deposits. Major customers include fine paper, newsprint, tissue, paperboard, and pulp mills.

Water Treatment. This sector involves the conditioning of water to protect facility assets such as boilers and cooling towers, and the treatment of waste streams exiting facilities. The typical systems treated are cooling towers < 2000 tons and boilers < 500 HP, although this may vary. Customers include general manufacturing, institutional facilities such as hospitals, hotels, universities, and food processing plants.

Vehicle Cleaning/Industrial Maintenance Products. These sectors include an assortment of applications such as truck, car, and locomotive cleaning, general maintenance cleaning, specialty lubricants (greases and oils) for industrial equipment, asphalt release, and food plant cleaning. Customers include a wide variety of trucking, railroad, auto wash, and manufacturing businesses.

Food Cleaning and Sanitation. DuBois primarily focuses on Open Plant Cleaning (OPC), Clean-in-Place (CIP), and sanitizer applications. Some important innovations include ExteCon extended contact foam and TM Smart Track dry lubrication for conveyors.

For more information about DuBois visit our corporate website at www.duboischemicals.com.