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Oil System Cleaner

Step One

Ensure a Clean and Reliable System While Reducing Overall Costs

Energy consumption - The formation of varnish and sludge in petroleum oil lubricating systems is unavoidable. These two contaminants build up over time and deposit themselves on the internal surfaces of equipment. As they do, they inhibit the ability for a sufficient amount of lubricant to be in direct contact with moving parts, thus creating increased friction. This increased friction makes drive motors work harder to keep parts moving at designed or required speeds. Amperage draw of equipment will rise as varnish and sludge deposits take hold. Prove it to yourself.

Measure the amperage requirements of one of your units, let Step One go to work to be your friction fighter, recharge and then measure the amperage again. You can use this simple formula before and after Step One to determine the reduction in energy cost that is the result of a clean system. Multiply that savings by the number of units you have and… wow!


Friction - Varnish and sludge resulting in decreased lubrication contributes to thermal expansion of internal components. This can cause mechanical failures it temperatures rise significantly. Lost production, equipment downtime, repair components and labor can run from hundreds of dollars for a simple bearing to, major rebuilds costing tens of thousands and worst case complete capital loss.

Extended Oil Life – A fresh charge of oil into a dirty system will become polluted very quickly. New oil will have greater solvency then a spent dirty oil and will dissolve some of the sludge in the system. This mixing of dirt and oxidized petroleum will reduce the lubricating characteristics of the fresh oil and will quickly start it on its path to being ruined.

Step One from DuBois is an outstanding solvent free system cleaner that was designed to minimize the inconvenience and cost of downtime cleaning to maximize the returns and cost avoidance associated with operating capital equipment. Try some and you will be shocked at the positive results and returns.