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Environmentally Preferred Products


Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

Sustainability is about meeting our current needs while ensuring future generations will be able to meet theirs. In the end sustainability is about individuals and the actions we take to be stewards of our environment.

Towards that goal, DuBois has established environmentally preferred products and certifications. When compared to current product offerings, these high performing products reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of their use.

The U.S. EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program and certification helps consumers, businesses, & institutional buyers identify safer cleaning products that perform. treo® is a DuBois product that is recognized by the DfE as safer for you and the environment. It is formulated with readily biodegradable surfactants and contains no harmful solvents, phosphates, or HAPs.

treo is:

You: Safer for you to use in your home, office, and business

The Environment: Combining biodegradable ingredients with recycled packaging to create less waste

DuBois: Offering safer chemistry through innovative cleaning solutions that perform